White Oak and Black Walnut Credit Card Holder

The Carrall is a solid wood credit/debit card wallet designed to protect standard size (3-3/8" x 2-1/8") cards from scratching, twisting and bending. Up to six cards are sandwiched between an expandable and slip proof elastic band for ensured protection and containment. For added safety, carrying more than one smart chip credit card increases protection from hidden scanning devices. A lighter, elegant and thinner alternative compared to bulky leather wallets and purses, Carrall's handheld shape and ergonomic notching follows contour of thumb and fingertip aiding cards to slide smoothly and comfortably.

A practical and unique case for containing various card items such as IDs, bus passes, driver's licenses and gift cards, Carrall is the perfect gift item that speaks of nature, modern design and quality designed to fit every individual. Handcrafted and designed in Vancouver BC. 

  • Brand = Konisa Studio
  • Collection = Accessories

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