Wick Trimmer + Snuffer Set

Extinguish your candles safely with our timeless wick trimmer and snuffer set.  Crafted from stainless steel and finished in matte black, this set is our modern take of a timeless trimmer and snuffer design.  Complete with our signature gold logo print, this pair of tools will take your candle experience to the next level.  The snuffer will allow you to sadely extinguish your flame and prevent the after smoking of the wick.  The trimmer will allow you an easy way to trim your candle wicks whether they are cotton or a wooden wick.  These two tools sit in a beautifully designed, high graded eco kraft box with a hidden magnetic lock latch, making it a display worthy piece.  

Gift box is 9.56 inches long, 5.25 wide and 1.75 inches high.  Trimmer is 7.13 inches long and snuffer is 6.25 inches long.   

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