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Winter Jewelry Recommendations: Choosing the Right Handcrafted Geometric Earrings for Your Winter Outfits and Occasions

Welcome to Found Boutique, where you’ll discover geometric-shaped earrings for your winter collection online/ instore in Metro Vancouver. Our earrings are handmade using sustainable materials by our talented artisans from Northern Bear Jewelry and Kyma Studio in British Columbia, Canada. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation. You won’t find an identical pair elsewhere! Not only are they uniquely crafted, but they are also lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for the whole day. Keep on reading for tips and tricks on choosing the perfect earrings for winter outfits and uncover your personal favourites! We have recommended a selection of our best earrings that you can add to your winter outfits.

Circle/ semi-circle earrings
Circular earrings are particularly flattering for individuals with square-shaped faces. The clean lines of a circle can offset attention to the jawline. For those with rounder faces, it’s advisable to avoid chunky, fully rounded earrings and instead, opt for earrings with semi-circle elements in them. The edges of a semi-circle and the added length of the earrings can work to soften the face’s rounded, curved natural contours. These earrings, featuring warm earthy tones, match beautifully with a casual pair of jeans.

Recommended items for square face/ oval face/ round face:

Recommended items for square face/ oval face:


Arch/ crescent earrings
These arch-shaped earrings are fun, playful, and revoke the spirit of a colourful rainbow. Pair these cute, charming pastel accessories with your favourite winter sherpa coat. They add a delightful touch to your social gatherings and outings with your loved ones. Ideal for those with rounder face shapes, the angles and distinctive corners of these earrings serve to subtly refine facial features. For those with square faces, it’s recommended to stay away from these angular earrings and consider sticking to earrings with the clean, simple lines of a round shape.

Recommended items for oval face/ round face:

[Northern Bear] Arch and Heart Off White Leather Earrings
[Northern Bear] Pink Braid Geometric Leather and Metal Arch Earrings
[Northern Bear] Braid Leather and Metal Circle Earrings
[Northern Bear] Pink Braid Leather and Metal Trianges Earrings


Stripe/ long oval earrings
For those with a round face shape, long dangling earrings are an excellent choice because the vertical lines of the earrings help to elongate your face! The sharp edges and angular design of these stylish earrings also impart a more formal and polished look, making them perfect for work. They can effectively enhance your overall appearance. Put on a pair to elevate your workday look!

Recommended items for oval face/ round face:

[Kyma Studio] Leopard Angle Cut Stripe Cork Earrings
[Kyma Studio] Red Long Oval Cork Earrings
[Northern Bear] Windcatcher Style Leather Earrings



Ellipse earrings: teardrop/ raindrop, leaf, feather
Unlike the slender long oval earrings, these dangly, eye-catching earrings have a more substantial width, which may not be the best match for boxy face shapes. With their large size and elliptical base, they make a striking addition to your dresses. These attention-grabbing earrings are bound to steal the show at your dinner party! Complete your dinner date look with these elegant earrings that perfectly complement your evening attire.

Recommended items for oval face:

[Northern Bear] Georgia Black Spotted Leather Teardrop Stud Earrings[Northern Bear] Georgia Navy Floral Leather Teardrop Stud Earrings[Northern Bear] Fuchsia Leather Leaf Earrings[Kyma Studio] Large Leopard Palm Frond Cork Earrings


The key to selecting the perfect pair of earrings lies in creating a harmonious balance with your facial features. The simple rule is to choose a pair that goes opposite of your facial features. Have you discovered a favourite among our winter suggestions? Check out the entire collection crafted by Northern Bear Jewelry and Kyma Studio online for more exquisite earrings, or come by our physical boutique shop and let our store members help you out! Embrace the winter season with Found Boutique!

Northern Bear Jewelry handmade leather and metal earrings at Found Boutique, a boutique store in New Westminster, BC

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