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7 Common Types of Plaids That You Need to Know

The Fall Season is upon us — and that means the anticipated return of the timeless plaid garment is here! From thick pea-coats to cozy flannels, this dynamic pattern provides endless style opportunities that are equally unique as they are warm. Below are 7 commonly seen plaid patterns to be on the lookout for this season!

1. Tartan

Tartan graphic created by Found Boutique

Tartan has played a magnificent role throughout style movements - originally dating back nearly four centuries! It is the most widely used plaid pattern today, seen in brands like Burberry, St. John Collection, and Vince Camuto (and so many more!). This pattern is composed of interlaced lines of different thicknesses using two to six colours. 

Below we have our Charlie B plaid pull-on pants - perfect for this fall’s trend Punk Futurism. This includes a mix of styled leather, plaid, and embellished accessories. We love the look of these sleek, straight-leg pants paired with chunky leather boots!

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2. Houndstooth

Houndstooth pattern graphic created by Found Boutique

Houndstooth became popular in the beginning of the 19th century. Today this two-toned textile is used as a statement on buttons, bucket hats, wool coats, trousers, and more! For fall 2022 designers have displayed a juxtaposition of houndstooth, cream and brown tones, against a rich colour palette of greens and turquoises.

Below are a few examples of garments available online: like our Liverpool houndstooth drawstring pant, and fuzzy coat-igan. Pair these pieces separately with leather boots or a sneaker to dress down. Liverpool always designs with the customer in mind - delivering garments with stretch and comfort for functionality, while keeping the silhouettes timeless for on-going enjoyment!


3. Argyle Check

Argyl check pattern graphic created by Found Boutique
If you can believe it, the argyle check dates back even longer than the dad vest. This pattern of rhombus and diagonal lines comes from the Argyll family in Scotland; later the pattern (meaning elegance and nobility) gradually became a college style, used in uniforms. As we head into the colder months, an edgier version of prep style will hit the streets. From pleated skirts, to sweater vests and bomber jackets galore… join us in-store for unique pieces and select sizing!


4. Glen Check

Glen check pattern graphic created by Found Boutique
Glen Check, or Glen Plaid, is the second most common type of plaid, deriving from a small Scottish town called Glenurquhart in the 19th century. It gives off a graceful vibe. Glen Check is generally woven in black, white, gray and sometimes red. Two dark colours and a relatively light base colour are intertwined and formed into grids of different sizes. The tiled pattern is composed of houndstooth and other patterns, often used in traditional suits, blazers or pants. In recent years, more and more women’s clothing uses this pattern. Glen Check gives sophistication and elegance to the person wearing the pattern. It exudes formal and solemn appearance in a whole set, or casualness if just in a single item.

5. Windowpane Check

Windowpane check pattern graphic created by Found Boutique
The pattern consists of thin straight lines that form the large simple squares. With its resemblance to a windowpane, the name depicts the pattern very well. Windowpane check mostly appears in men’s shirts or pants due to its minimalist appeal and formal vibe.

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6. Check

Check pattern graphic created by Found Boutique
The idea came from a checkerboard, made with two solid colours (don’t mix up with gingham!). Classic examples are the brown damier checkered pattern of Louis Vuitton and Vans’ duotone checker.

7. Gingham/ Vichy Check

Gingham pattern graphic created by Found Boutique
Gaining its popularity in England, gingham is now a common pattern for bed sheets, blankets, curtains, aprons and tablecloths in addition to clothing. Among the patterns, it is a casual and relaxing pattern. Stripes of a single colour are superimposed equidistantly on a white background. The parts where the straight lines overlap are darker, creating a colour gradient. An example would be the packaging of Garden Life Bread, a well-known food in Hong Kong. This simple and refreshing pattern is perfect for spring and summer. It is reminiscent of a red, yellow or blue picnic mat or a summer dress. In fact, as long as you change into a darker and warm colour, gingham can be worn all year round! 




Many brands have successively used these classic patterns and gave them a modern touch. After learning more about plaids, hopefully you can grasp your plaid item that can never go out of style! Put on a plaid coat and scarf to welcome the arrival of autumn and winter! 
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