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Rose: Discover the Beauty Benefits of This Floral Gem

Did you know? Roses are the most popular choice for cut flowers. Roses are also widely used in essential oils, tea, fragrance sprays, and skincare products due to their potential benefits. We have a range of rose products made by local artisans here in BC that can make a delightful and practical gift. By shopping with us, not only will you be supporting local businesses, but you’ll also be contributing towards ending poverty, homelessness, and addiction in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley through Union Gospel Mission. Keep on reading to discover some of the rose products we offer and their benefits.


1. Facial Mask

  • [Sealuxe] Rose Face Mask[Sealuxe] Rose Face Mask | Found BoutiqueThe rose facial mask has several benefits, including repairing damaged skin, moisturizing skin, reducing irritation, and evening skin tone. This is due to the rich content of antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E found in roses. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of roses aid in combating acne and preventing breakouts.


2. Body Scrub

  • [Sealuxe] Ritual Rose Body Scrub[Sealuxe] Ritual Rose Body Scrub | Found Boutique
  • [SoapScapes] Rose Garden Sugar Scrub[SoapScapes] Rose Garden Sugar Scrub | Found BoutiqueThese scrubs are a lotion and scrub rolled into one. They are particularly effective in addressing flaky skin, as the body scrub works to eliminate dryness, heal skin imperfections and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. The addition of exotic oils also helps to moisturize skin.


3. Body Butter

  • [Sealuxe] Ritual Rose Body Butter[Sealuxe] Ritual Rose Body Butter | Found BoutiqueWith just a tiny amount of this ultra-rich cream, you can transform your dry skin into a hydrating and nourished state. This body butter can impart a healthy-looking glow to your skin and leave a long-lasting scent. The rose scent can uplift your mood, alleviate headaches, and relieve stress and anxiety.


4. Earrings


5. Candles

  • [The 6th Scent Candle] Sandalwood Rose Candle in Ceramic Pot[The 6th Scent Candle] Sandalwood Rose Candle in Ceramic Pot | Found BoutiqueYou can experience the enchanting scent of Sandalwood Rose with this 100% natural soy wax candle in a reusable ceramic pot. The candle comes in an eco-friendly kraft gift box. Each candle from The 6th Scent Candles is hand-poured and hand-labeled with care. Their candles feature lead-free and zinc-free cotton wicks and contain no additives, preservatives, phthalates, or petroleum.


Show your love with a rose-themed gift today! You’ll be buying local, getting a unique gift and supporting your neighbours in need.

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