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We are surrounded by toxins, they are found in the air, water, beauty and health products and foods we eat. In order for our body to function properly we need to get rid of some of the toxin build up in our body and skin. Our skin is one of the largest organs of our body and a weekly skin detox can help decrease aging and skin damage caused by toxins. If you are experiencing dullness, dryness, inflammation, blemishes or uneven skin tone, it is time for a detox! To detox you need to focus on eating a balanced diet, increasing your water intake, exercising, getting enough rest and using natural skincare products that will help with detoxification. We have some amazing all natural skincare products at Found boutique to help you detox and regain healthy skin! 

seaweed bath tea

Seaweed Bath Tea

We are drawn to the sea.  So, can we not say that the sea must be drawn to us?  Not only is your blood mostly water, but that portion of your blood has a concentration of salt that is remarkably similar to seawater.   

Sexluxe's seaweed bath tea is packed with six types of seaweed that has been chosen to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, detox your skin and promote collagen growth. 


Mustard Soak Foot & Body

This 100% natural Epsom Salt, Mustard, and Essential Oil soak will help soothe aches, clear your senses, and relax your sore muscles. Mustard is known to stimulate the sweat glands, helping the body rid itself of toxins. Eucalyptus and Epsom salt are known to ease pain and relieve inflammation.



Activated Charcoal Mask

White kaolin clay, pink Himalayan salt, activated charcoal and calendula flowers come together to detoxify your skin. Mix with honey, yogurt, tea, or water to make the perfect mask for your self care routine.



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