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Global Wonders, Empower Women for Freedom

We are so excited to have Global Wonders Products of Hope join our artisan brands here at Found Boutique! We love to support local artisans, especially businesses with meaningful stories. Similar to Found Boutique, which is a social enterprise of Union Gospel Mission, Global Wonders is also a social enterprise associated with SA Foundation. SA Foundation is committed to fight sex trafficking and exploitation happening today across the world by providing women recovery, training, housing and employment opportunities.

All products from Global Wonders are designed and handmade by women participating in SA Foundation’s programs. Through these initiatives, these women are able to heal from their traumatic experiences, acquire new skills and rebuild their confidence. By purchasing Global Wonders’ products, you play a vital role in rewriting a woman’s story—one filled with freedom and purpose. 100% of the proceeds generated are reinvested back into supporting programs at the SA Foundation and Union Gospel Mission.

Continue reading because below, you will find the types of products offered by Global Wonders.



We offer an extensive collection of candles in an array of delightful scents from Global Wonders. They come in two sizes: jar (8 oz) or tin (4oz). They are made from all-natural soy wax and infused with essential oils and fragrances.

What makes the candles truly special is the story behind them. Each candle is hand poured by women in Global Wonders' Vancouver Skill Development Program. Each of these products of hope help to provide safe and fair employment for women who are transitioning out of exploitation in the sex trade. By purchasing the candles, you actively contribute to empowering these women and encouraging them in their journey to pursue their dreams.


Scrubs and Lip Balms

In addition to the candles, we also sell scrubs and lip balms from Global Wonders. We are delighted to present you with more scrubs and lip care products at Found Boutique.

These exfoliating scrubs gently smoothen and soften your skin. Whether applied to your hands, feet, or body, these scrubs provide a rejuvenating experience. For nourished and silky-smooth lips, we proudly present the handmade lip balms. Created using only the finest all-natural ingredients, these balms help keep your lips moisturized and soft. They are available in three flavours: berry kiss, vanilla buttercream and winter mint.


Experience the joy of these candles, scrubs and lips balms from Global Wonders, as they enhance your self-care routine and promote a healthier, more radiant you.

Support a woman along her journey today! We need your help to serve women recovering from the tragic crisis. You can find Global Wonders’ unique artisan creations at our store in downtown New Westminster or online. Shopping with us is easy!

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