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Lidz Art Studio, Handmade Ceramic Jewelry

We’ve got a new artisan at Found Boutique, and she’s bringing her unique creations closer to you. Join us in welcoming Lida Nosrati and her Vancouver-based ceramic and jewelry business, Lidz Art Studio, in this blog!

Lida’s creations include earrings, necklaces and dishes. Her artwork goes beyond clay. She also uses woods, glass, and metal beads for different textures and colors of her handcrafted projects, making each piece special for you. You can find them available in our New Westminster store or online. Lida draws inspiration from the boundless beauty of nature. Her designs resonate with the theme of freedom and are intertwined with her Iranian heritage.

And that’s not all! Lida acts on sustainability by incorporating her work with recycled materials and crafting product tags from repurposed paper. Let's take a quick sneak peek of the treasures she has in store for you!



Below are some colourful and stylish dishes made of sealed, glazed clay, perfect for adorning your entryway. These delightful pieces serve as a repository for keys and dainty treasures like rings.



Lidz Art Studio offers a delightful selection of earrings crafted from both wood and clay. These eye-catching accessories are a great way to elevate your look. Each pair is unique and handmade with love.



Their necklaces are made from air dried clay. You can set aside any concerns about them being heavy. Rest assured, they are pleasantly lightweight and have an adjustable leather cord for your comfort and style.


For unique, local, eco-friendly wearable art, head to Lidz Art Studio!

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