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It’s Lavender Season: 3 Essential Lavender Products

As we approach the peak of lavender bloom from June to August, we want to appreciate the delightful fragrance and versatility of this beautiful plant in this month’s blog. Lavender has been widely and creatively used in baked goods, teas, essential oils, skincare products, and more. Introducing three lavender products at Found Boutique before the peak bloom season slips away! From the soothing scent that relieves restlessness, stress, and headaches to its natural skin-nourishing benefits, our lavender products bring a touch of bliss and wellness to your everyday life.


Essential Oil

  • [Soulful Indulgence] Lavender Essential Oil[Soulful Indulgence] Lavender Essential OilOne of the most basic yet versatile lavender products is essential oil. Lavender has a long history of medicinal use for its first-aid properties. Additionally, its middle floral notes can be used to calm the mind and senses, and promote quality sleep. At Found Boutique, we carry a 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil that is sourced from France and is bottled on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. This small but powerful bottle is ready to aid you in numerous ways, from supporting physical healing to enhancing your mental wellbeing.



  • [Global Wonders] Oooh La La Lavender & Vanilla Candle in Jar[Global Wonders] Oooh La La Lavender & Vanilla Candle in JarThis 8 ounce candle made from all-natural soy wax, essential oils and fragrances features lavender and French vanilla to make your space extra cozy. But there’s more to it other than just its relaxing scent. Each candle is hand poured by women in Global Wonders' Vancouver Skill Development Program. These “Products of Hope” help to provide safe and fair employment for women transitioning out of exploitation in the sex trade. When you light up the candle, you can feel extra good knowing that you are helping to empower women for a better future.


Body Scrub

  • [Nuez Acres] Lemon & Lavender Nourishing Body Scrub[Nuez Acres] Lemon & Lavender Nourishing Body ScrubIf you love lemon-scented products, we have something for you! Feel the restorative effects of pecans with this body scrub combining the scents of lemon essential oil and lavender essential oil, made by Indigenous-owned Nuez Acres. This scrub not only removes dead skin cells but also moisturizes deep layers of your skin, leaving your feeling fresh and hydrated. It’s important to keep in mind that you should spot test it on your skin before using, especially if this is your first time using pecan pulp or pecan oil.


It’s amazing how lavender can do wonders for your overall health and happiness. Treat yourself or someone with a rejuvenating and aromatic experience today with our products made of natural, wholesome ingredients.


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